A bit about me, you ask? I’m happily ensconced in the Inverness, the self-proclaimed capital of   the highlands, with my long-suffering husband and son. I came up here for a 6 month work placement and fell in love with it, so much that 7 years later there are still no plans to return to the south.

During the day I work part time as an engineer and part time as a mother, and spend any free time either obsessing about knitting, knitting, reading about knitting or exploring the wonderful country roundabout here.

Over the last year, I have abandoned all hope of ever managing to follow a pattern and started making it up as I go along. The intention is now to begin learning the art of pattern writing and committing some of the more successful ideas to paper. It’s a process that is a wonderful marriage between my detail and maths orientated side and the part of me that loves to create something tangible.

So join me as I explore the world of yarn and knitting further, there is always more to learn and more to discover. Plus it’s fun!