I have a list…..

Only 5 more sleeps till Edinburgh Yarn Fest!

I’m alternately more excited than a certain 7 year old on christmas eve, and totally daunted by the amount that I need to get done before I go.

On top of being really busy at work, and having a school trip to Tescos to go on (don’t ask), I need to finish off the books I’m making, organise all the things I might need for my trunk show and sort out some nice simple knitting to take with me for when it’s all too much and I can’t think any more.

The trunk show is a bit worrying – I’ve never done one before so it’s all a bit unknown. I have business cards (how grown up does that make me feel?), I’m blocking the samples that need it. I need to sort out some download codes, and print some pattern examples. And then sort out some sort of display plan. Which is complicated needing to carry whatever I use I need to carry down with me on the train.

So I’ve written a very big list, and am going to try to tick as much of it as I can before Wednesday. Now I’ve written this post I’m off to find my most cheerful pen and cross the first item off.