Well, here I am, half way through the summer holidays already (thoroughly enjoying the first day by myself for what seems like forever). I can’t believe how fast it is going, but at the same time it seems have that everlasting quality I remember for when I was little.

I’ve had a lovely couple of weeks down south, visiting Steph, going to Legoland, and then spending a week catching up with all my family. The weather was nice and warm (or we thought it was warm, compared to Scotland, but everyone else was complaining) and we did all the things I can remember doing from when I was little. There were walks in the woods, dam building, swimming in rivers, digging on beaches, swimming in the sea, fishing for newts in the pond…..

And today is the first day I’ve had to myself since the start of the month. So I’ll be doing some knitting and listening to podcasts if any one wants to know where to find me!