Peace and Quiet

Today is the first day for a couple of weeks that I’ve been at home on my own. While work was interesting and rewarding (both personally and financially), it was also challenging. Francis was away, I’ve used all the child sitting favours I possibly could to fit in all the hours at the office. By Saturday there was no food in the house, on Wednesday there was a ‘no clean school uniform’ crisis, and by the end of Thursday I’d quite had enough. I now remember that a lot of the reason I needed a change was the constant tail chasing required to organise someone to look after the child, and trying to make sure that we have food to eat and clean clothes to wear*.

One of the things that quickly fell by the wayside were selfies for MeMadeMay. Which is a shame in some respects, as it was very instructive to actually see photos of myself wearing different things. I managed to wear something hand made most days (excepting a couple of days one weekend when I spent the whole time doing DIY or cycling), but almost everything I wore was a repeat of previous outfits, though possibly in different combinations.

And my other challenge, to make myself new things to wear? Well, that didn’t happen at all.

I’d very much like to be doing that today, but then last night I realised that I needed to pre-wash fabric before I started anything. So today I’ll be plotting, knitting, listening to podcasts and waiting for things to dry. And tomorrow I’ll start on sewing.

*Yes, I know in the modern day and age, such household organising should not rest entirely on my shoulders. But the reality of motherhood in our little family, with Francis working longer hours and travelling quite a bit, is that mostly it ends up being me.