All change please….

Well, it’s been a strange week. Though I officially left my sensible day job as an engineer last summer, I did agree to doing some contract work if it was needed.

And this week I got that sort of call, and it turned out that popping into the office for a chat was going to end in a couple of weeks of pretty intense input on a flood project. I’ve rather surprised myself by actually enjoying it. Turns out that I rather missed feeling experienced and competent and knowledgeable. Now I know that I am knowledgeable about knitting, but designing and pattern writing is still fairly new to me, so a lot of time is spent thinking and figuring out how something might work (there is a lot of frogging involved). Which isn’t surprising as there is so much of it that is new to me. And going into an office, slipping back into online meetings and phone calls and risk workshops and chat about geology and parameter selection and seepage modelling is sort of relaxing as a contrast.

In this situation I am the expert. I know what needs to be done, I can list off all the questions that need to be answered, point out all the stuff that is missing, and everyone listens to what I say. Then I can order all the minions to things, get everything on track and start producing results really quickly.

So, on the whole it’s been a rather refreshing and welcome experience. I know that I don’t want to do it all the time, but I am glad that I didn’t give it up altogether. Because it’s really good to be respected for being competent and experienced. I’m sure if I stayed I’d end up feeling as worn down by everything as I was last year, but for a couple of weeks of (well paid) excitement – bring it on!

The only down side, is that I need to achieve about 75 hours of office time over the next 2 weeks. So goodbye sewing plans (and hello massive pay check and a new sewing machine!)