Half way through

Collage MMM

So, it’s about half way through May. Above is a collage of most of my clothes this month…..

Things I have learnt:

1: It’s hard to get someone to take a photo of you every day. I should get some sort of stand for my phone so that I could do it myself.

2: My 6 year old is a surprisingly able and willing volunteer (as long as I’m not interrupting an important game).

3: Things look very different in photos. That navy skirt…. not convinced. The teal linen trousers… much nicer than I thought and I should wear them more often.

4: I need to make more blue clothes, you’d not really know it was my favourite colour based on what I wear.

5: I should wear more of my clothes. Even though you’ve now seen over 50% of my everyday clothes wardrobe, there are things there that I just don’t take out on a regular enough basis.

6: I would like to learn which skirts suit me, and fit in with my everyday running around. I’m always going to wear trousers more, but I do like skirts.

7: The clothes that I have made are the ones that fit me best and that I like the most. Which is reassuring!

8: I should wear my hair down more often – it’s not hard but I rarely make the effort unless someone is going to take a photo of me.


  1. says

    Ha – I hear you on #8. I hardly ever have my hair down. And of course the less I do, the weirder it feels, having all that STUFF around my face! So the less I do… etc. (See also: earrings.)

    #7 is awesome news indeed. Gives me hope for the “one day” when I maybe, with luck, get over my sewing issues.