Me Made May

So today is the 1st May, and most importantly the first day of MeMadeMay. This is the first year I’ve signed up to do the challenge, and I am really interested to see if I can manage to complete. My pledge is to wear one ‘Me Made’ or altered garment every day for the month of may, and also to make myself some more clothes to wear.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my wardrobe in the last few months. There are some amazing resources out there on the internet to do with planning and making a wardrobe, all of which has got me thinking. I’ve been working through the ‘Collette Wardrobe Architect‘ series, with some success. I’ve also been inspired by others, such as Karen Templar, who are attempting to make more of their own clothes.

So I started by clearing out my clothes. In the spirit of KonMari I took out all the clothes that I own and went through them. A good few bags went to the charity shop or recycling, depending on their state of wear. Then there was a small pile that were things that I truly loved. Then there was another in the middle pile, that either don’t fit very well or which are so worn as to be very close to the end of their functional life. But the on reflection they all went back into my wardrobe because without them, I really wouldn’t have had enough clothes to last me through the week.

But why not just buy clothes? Well, the more I knit and design stuff for myself, the more I am dissatisfied with what is available. I no longer want to wear t-shirts that are too wide in the shoulder so that they aren’t stretched over my bust. Maybe the reason that I wear hardly any woven tops is in fact due to the fact that I can’t buy any that properly fit me (the stretch in jersey clothes does mitigate this to some extent). And where are the trousers that are cut for those of us with ample thighs and a defined waist?

It turns out that those few items of clothing that I have made for myself are the ones I like the most. And I want more of them.

So this month I am going to carefully consider and make 4 items of clothing to feel some of the most needed gaps in my wardrobe. And concentrate on wearing the stuff that I really like (and as a consequence doing my washing far more regularly so that I can get them back into circulation quickly!).