Edinburgh – the rest

On Saturday afternoon, after having a quick sandwich in the cafe, it was time to go shopping!


I actually found it quite overwhelming, which surprised me. I did a lap of the stalls, and then went back and bought myself this:

Edinburgh yarn festival photos

Which is not as much as I thought I might buy, but I did enjoy seeing lots of other stuff. I am most excited by the Toft Chunky – I have a skein of blue and I am going to make myself a (really quick) hat to wear skiing. And there is some Old Maiden Aunt Corriedale, as well as some Gotland Dk from Midwinteryarns. Oh, and the delight of all those colours of Titus mini skeins.I’ve also expanded my collection of Chiaogoo interchangeables to include all the larger sizes, as well as getting some more cables for the smaller ones. And then there were the books – Knitsonik (which I’ve coveted for a long time) and Knitting Fresh Brioche by Nancy Marchant.

But the absolute best thing was meeting all the lovely lovely people. There were amazing coincidental encounters, and lots of missed opportunities. I didn’t leave enough time for just sitting around (which I will remember for next time).

And that is as much concentrating as I can manage, I still have a post yarn festival hangover and am not managing to focus on anything for very long. Maybe a super chunky hat is just what I need to make!