In between the ongoing family drama and carrying on with normal life, there has been some knitting. I’ve been making a real effort to just do a couple of lines here and there, and it has been paying off.

Nearly there

I have decided to do another 10 rows and then try it on before starting the ribbing. Which is very very nearly there. It is also devilishly hard to take a photo of it now, there are bust darts in there (big ones) and so it just won’t lie down flat and look pretty. But it will fit.

I did have half a thought about trying to finish it in time for visiting Edinburgh Yarn Festival, but I’m letting that thought right out of the window. It will be nearly done, but I’m not taking anything that big with me.

And on the subject of next weekend, I am feeling a bit like a 5 year old a week before christmas. I can’t believe that I’m going on Friday – that’s only five more sleeps. And then a weekend full of all the things I like the most. First a quality 3.5hrs knitting time on the train down, then I have factored in some time to go to some fabric shops in the afternoon. Then an evening of relaxing (knitting) and then classes and yarn and shopping and friends and meeting new people and a party and then another knit on the train all the way home on Sunday. I can’t believe it is quite so soon. Bounce bounce bounce.