Some Progress

In between swatching for new things and writing proposals (neither of which make for exciting blogging), I’ve been knitting away at my Beyond the Wild Wood….

It’s now in that stage of knitting where no matter how much knitting I do, it never seems to get any bigger. But the pile of balls of wool is getting smaller, and so I will finish it soon.

This was the state of play a couple of weeks ago…


This was a couple of days ago – I’ve done another half a ball of body since then…


I made a few modifications. It seems that I’m incapable of not altering a pattern, even though half the point of knitting this was to try out someone else’s design. I decided that I wanted slimmer sleeves than written, so I recalculated the decrease rate. I think the sleeves may be a bit long, but I will wait until it’s properly finished before I make a proper judgement on that. I couldn’t get the tension right on the ribbing in the pattern, so working in twisted rib instead. My rough plan is to knit the body until I have one ball of yarn left, and then start the ribbing at the bottom. Which should leave me with enough to do the big wide collar.

I’m also trying not to be frustrated about my lack of progress at knitting this. Life seems to be getting in the way somewhat, and between half term, visitors and family drama quiet evenings spent knitting by the fire have been few and far between. And there is no sign of that changing for a couple of months yet…..