Ooooh, I don’t know where to start! I am going to attempt to corral some of those thoughts that are running round my head, and focus on one thing for this blog post.

I’m going through one of those (lovely) phases of feeling inspired about everything. My weekend away was the start of it, and it seems that since then things just seem to be falling into place one after the other.

Completely by chance, the ever lovely Robynn posted about making a Hap Cardigan in the Stash Heap Challenge group in Ravelry. Which lead me to joining the group and reading all the threads and getting excited to sort out my stash. I’m having the same worrying thoughts about sorting out all my clothes, and about purging my house of stuff and………

So I went to the drawer and pulled out the Scottish Tweed Aran. This post I wanted to mostly talk about that project. I approached it in a very different way to my normal method. First off, I pulled out some needles and knit a swatch in stocking stitch. Just to get a feel for the gauge and the fabric, and it turned out that actually I rather liked it. Perfect for a tough and warm and sensible cardigan.

Then I went onto ravelry and used the advanced search to look for patterns that had that gauge. I discounted a lot of them as not being right for the sturdy wool, and a lot of them for being too fancy, but I thought that Beyond the Wild Wood fit my criteria. So I bought the pattern. The whole process was so much more interesting that trying to beat a certain yarn into a certain gauge to make a particular pattern. The added bonus is that I get to try out the ziggurat construction, knit a pattern by someone I admire and just experiment a bit.


Next I took a careful look at the sizes and got Francis to do some measuring, and decided (based on my cross back measurement) to cast on for a size 42. Using the ‘helpful table’ in the pattern, I worked the neck increases for a size 44 and the sleeve/body increases for a size 46 and this gave me the size I wanted at bust level. The ‘helpful table’ is a work of pure genius from ├ůsa, and makes mixing the sizes up like this far easier than in any other pattern I’ve seen.

The photo shows the state of play as of two days ago – I’ve worked about an inch below the armhole divide, taken it off the needles and given it a proper block to check the fit (which was lovely). I’m going to knit the sleeves next and then see how much yarn I have left before I decide what to do with the body.