We did a photoshoot last week, and in typical Williams family fashion managed to make it a total epic.

Now, I had high hopes. The weather was much nicer than forecast – sunshine and white fluffy clouds if a little cold and breezy. Perfect for the beach then. My ulterior motive in this was that Owen can be easily amused with a bucket and spade for a good hour, meaning that we should be able to whizz through some photos without too much distraction.

I flicked through my photos and decided on Kingsteps. Which normally looks like this:


I thought perfect – acres of white sand, great wonky bridge which could provide some interest, nice salt marsh…


But what I failed to properly take account of was that it was the forecast really really high tides.

Unsurprisingly when we got there, there really wasn’t much beach visible. The bridge was gone and there was no way onto the beach proper.


But in traditional fashion decided that as I had wellys with me we should just carry on anyway. So I did the photo shoot standing in a flood with Francis on a little island. The bridge would have been behind me, but is no longer there.


It was actually great fun. Until we had to get back to the car, realised that the water level had risen about a foot in the time we’d been there, and was now significantly over knee level on the path.

What an adventure.